Inspiring Change:
Albalab's Role in
Shaping Better Futures


Through technology-driven projects benefiting local communities Albalab helps disadvantaged young people to develop the necessary skillset to create good and safe lives for themselves, while becoming role models who show the way to a new and better tomorrow for their communities.


The Problem

Throughout the world, people at the bottom of the social hierarchy struggle to acquire knowledge and skills. In the poorer parts of the world, the public education system is often of poor quality. In wealthy countries, the school system is often focused heavily on theory and poorly adapted to the realities of the environments that need it most.

People in these marginalized communities perform poorly in both the education system and subsequently in the job market, often ending up permanently marginalized – on welfare or in criminal activities. This exclusion becomes self-reinforcing and ends up as the sociologist Manuel Castells’ “black hole of social exclusion,” which becomes difficult to escape for the next generation.

Albalab educational model

It is well known that the answer to poverty and inequality primarily lies in education. But despite all investments and efforts in the education system, inequality continues to increase worldwide. Albalabs’ contribution is to spark interest in learning and create a sense of mastery among marginalized youth through learning-focused extracurricular activities.

We show them how what they are taught in school can be applied in concrete projects using state-of-the-art technology to improve the quality of life in the local community. The youth who have gone through the ranks in the Albalab system become individuals who have learned how to learn on their own, who can utilize advanced technology to achieve their goals, and who have a societal understanding that enables them to tackle the significant challenge of bridging the gap between those who have and those who do not.

They have become influencers the world truly needs.